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Includes anything we can find that might be of interest.
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December 16, 2013 -- Archaeological Investigation of Prehistoric Ohlone Village Site (CA-CCO-356) in Pinole, CA. [East Bay]

July 19, 2013 -- Navy Archeologists Find Rare Artifact. [Military.com News]

May 24, 2013 -- Archaeologist Digs Islands' History . [Camarillo Acorn]

May 16, 2013 -- Caltrans Dig near Novato Unearths Miwok Artifacts. [Marin Independent Journal]

April 1, 2013 -- California's Historic Artifacts to Get New Home. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

March 16, 2013 -- Appointments to California's State Historical Resources Commission. [eNews Channels]

March 1, 2013 -- Tobacco Smoked in Ancient California, Researchers Find. [Silicon Valley MercuryNews]

November 20, 2012 -- What Will Climate Change Do to Our Past?. [KQED newsfix]

November 18, 2012 -- Petroglyph Thefts Near Bishop Stun Federal Authorities, Paiutes. [Los Angeles Times]

September 8, 2012 -- Professor David Allen Fredrickson Dies. [San Francisco Chronicle]

July 29, 2012 -- Rising Seas Threaten California's Coastal Past. [KQED News]

May 10, 2012 -- Navy Evicts Museum Foundation from Point Loma Base. [East County Magazine]

May 1, 2012 -- Ancient American Skeletons Safe From Reburial, But Only for the Moment. [AAAS Science]

April 24, 2012 -- Discovery of Indian artifacts complicates Genesis solar project. [AAAS Science]

April 1, 2012 -- Unearthing Catalina History Using Skeleton Clues. [Los Angeles Times]

February 16, 2012 -- Chumash Cemeteries Were Missed Preservation Opportunity. [Malibu Surfside News]

June 1, 2011 -- Asphalt may have poisoned ancient Americans. [New Scientist]

May 6, 2011 -- For UCLA expert on Chumash Indians, roughly hewn beads are child's play. [UCLA Newsroom]

April 3, 2011 -- Findings offer new view of early Indians' Life along Sacramento River. [Merced Sun-Star]

March 31, 2011 -- Archaeologists and Native Americans team up to interpret the past, shape the future. [Scientific American]

March 28, 2011 -- Merced Indians, dogs were companions in life and death centuries ago. [Merced Sun-Star]

March 3, 2011 -- California islands give up evidence of early seafaring. [University of Oregon]

March 3, 2011 -- This seafood buffet was held 11,000 years ago: archaeologists unearth tools, bone and shell fragments on Channel Islands. [MSNBC]

August 23, 2009 -- For Early Man, it wasn't easier being green. [National Public Radio]

March 23, 2008 -- Ancient bird killed by people: prehistoric humans pushed flightless fowl to extinction, experts find. [Press-Democrat]

March 18, 2008 -- Clovis-age overkill didn't take out California's flightless sea duck. [ScienceDaily]

May 23, 2007 -- Prehistoric behavior and ecology of northern fur seals reconstructed. [ScienceDaily]

October 5, 2006 -- Early humans followed the coast. [BBC News]

September 5, 2006 -- Scientists use obsidian for temperatures. [TheDailyBeaconOnline]

July 5, 2005 -- Footprints rewrite history of first Americans. [NewScientist.com]

July 4, 2005 -- Ancient "footprints" found in Mexico. [News@Nature.com]

September 23, 2004 -- Signs of an Earlier American. [csmonitor.com]

September 13, 2004 -- Developer, Tribe in Dispute over L.A. Burial Site: Millions spent to remove remains. [SignOnSanDiego.com]

September 10, 2004 -- Ancient Skeletons Found Near Caribbean. [www.iol.co.za]

September 7, 2004 -- Tribe Challenges American Origins. [BBC On-Line]

April 20, 2004 -- Rock Art Hints at Whaling Origins: Stone Age People May Have Started Hunting Whales As Early As 6,000 BC, New Evidence from South Korea Suggests. [BBC News ]

April 12, 2004 -- New Method for Determining Age of Artifacts Fills Chronological Gap for Scientists. [Today@UCI]

April 8, 2004 -- NASA Radar Aids High-Tech Digs. [San Clemente Island; SpaceDaily.com]

February 26, 2004 -- Seafaring clue to first Americans. [Mark Raab, San Clemente Island; BBC News]

December 18, 2003 -- Goodbye Sunshine (Now for something completely different to worry about). [GuardianUnlimited]

August 26, 2003 -- Sacred Sites Bill Could Create A Monster. [SignOnSanDiego.com]

July 22, 2003 -- Date Limit Set on First Americans. [BBCNews]

July 17, 2003 -- Baja California Rock Art Dated to 7,500 Years Ago. [NationalGeographic.com]

June 28, 2003 -- Brian Fagan Shows How Life in California Has Always Been a Struggle, Even for Indians. Review of: Before California: An Archaeologist Looks at our Earliest Inhabitants, by Brian Fagen. [SFGate.com]

February 24, 2003 -- Evidence Acquits Clovis People of Ancient Killings, Archaeologists Say. [EurekAlert]

January 12, 2003 -- How Weather Brought Down Mayan Empire. [Guardian Unlimited]

December 9, 2002 -- Archaeology Should Be a Science of History [Dunnell's speech at CSU Long Beach]. [On-line Forty-Niner (CSU Long Beach)]

December 3, 2002 -- Human Skulls Are 'Oldest Americans.' [BBCNews]

November 20, 2002 -- Urban Renewal Atop Sacred Past: Ohlone protest Emeryville project. [SFGate.com]

November 14, 2002 -- New Evidence that El Nino Influences Global Climate Conditions on a 2,000-Year Cycle. [ScienceDaily.com]

November 1, 2002 -- Health of American Indians on Decline Before Columbus Arrived in New World. [ScienceDaily.com]

October 17, 2002 -- Archaeologists split hairs over first arrivals (Oregon). [Guardian Unlimited]

August 31, 2002 -- Kennewick Man information site compiled by the Tri-City Herald.

July 22, 2002 -- Bison Kill Site Sheds Light on Ice Age Culture. Jake Bluff Site, Oklahoma. [Nationalgeographic.com]

November 12, 2001 -- Climate Change Caused Extinction of Big Ice Age Mammals, Scientist Says. [nationalgeographic.com]

October 26, 2001 -- Did Humans Cause Extinctions? Archaeologist Says No! [UniSci.com]

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