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Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given for cumulative contributions to California archaeology that have spanned a lifetime and are therefore reserved for the elder members of our profession. Although once awarded as a surprise, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award is now notified well ahead of time so that they and their supporters can plan to attend the Annual Meeting Awards Dinner. The recipient is identified during the Annual Meeting with a special ribbon on his or her name tag, and is hosted, along with family members, at the awards dinner.

1982  Emma Lou Davis
1983  William J. Wallace
1984  Paul Ezell
1985  Franklin Fenenga
1986  Albert Elsasser
1988  Phil C. Orr
1989  Bert A. Gerow
1990  James A. Bennyhoff
1991  Lawrence Dawson
1992  D.L. True
1993  David Fredrickson
1994  Roberta Greenwood
1995  Fritz Riddell
1996  Claude Warren
1997  Vera Mae Fredrickson
1998  Jay von Werlhof
1999  Makoto Kowta
2000  Thomas Blackburn
2001  Jerald J. Johnson
2002  Robert L. Edwards
2003  William H. Olsen
2004  Lowell J. Bean
2005  Mark Raab
2006  Michael A. Glassow
2007  Keith L. Johnson
2008  Eric Ritter
2009  Russell L. Kaldenberg
2010  Ken Wilson
2011  Joseph Chartkoff
2012  Andrew Yatsko III
2013  Glenn J. Farris
2014  Susan M. Hector
2015  Michael J. Moratto
2016  Terry L. Jones
2017  Shelly Davis-King

M.R. Harrington Award for Conservation Archaeology. This award recognizes contributions to site preservation, public archaeology, etc. It has traditionally been announced as a surprise at the Annual Banquet.

1979  Fritz Riddell
1980  Pacific Coast Arch. Society
1981  Frank Latta
1982  Jay von Werlhof
1983  Tom F. King
1984  Don Miller
1986  Michael J. Moratto & William Seidel
1987  Ronald V. May
1988  David A. Fredrickson
1989  San Diego County Arch. Society
1990  Lester A. Ross
1991  Charles Rozaire
1992  Breck Parkman
1993  Paul Schumacher
1994  William Olson
1995  Thomas N. Layton
1996  John Foster
1997  Chester King
1998  Russell Kaldenberg
1999  Valerie Levulett
2000  Mary Maniery
2001  Paul Chace
2002  John R. Johnson
2003  Beth and Chris Padon
2004  Carolyn Shepherd
2005  Julia Bendimez Patterson
2006  CDF Fire Archaeology Program
2007  The Eleven Autonomous Bands of the Pit River Tribe
2008  Janine MacFarland
2009  Beth & Chris Padon
2010  California Department of Transportation
2011  Adrian Praetzellis
2012  Greg Greenway
2013  Dan L. Mosier
2014  Jerry Hopkins & Tulare Lake Arch. Research Group
2015  Patricia C. Martz
2016  Amy Gilreath
2017  Gary Breschini and Trudy Haversat

Martin A. Baumhoff Special Achievement Award. This is given for a distinct, noteworthy effort, or for cumulative efforts on special topics such as specialized analyses or publication.

1990  Lavinia C. Knight
1991  W.I. Follett
1992  Jonothan O. Davis
1993  Phil Wilke
1994  Roy Salls
1995  Coyote Press, Gary S. Breschini & Trudy Haversat
1996  Malcolm Margolin, News from Native California
1997  Mark Sutton
1998  Sylvia Vane
1999  Randy Milliken
2000  Richard E. Hughes
2001  Glenn Farris
2002  Michael A. Glassow
2003  Thomas N. Layton
2004  Michael J. Moratto & Joseph Chartkoff
2005  Irving Friedman & Robert L. Smith
2006  Jack Meyer & Jeffrey Rosenthal
2007  Robert L. Bettinger
2008  Terry Jones & Kathryn Klar
2009  Greg White
2010  Kent Lightfoot & Otis Parrish
2011  Don Laylander
2012  Randy T. Milliken, Al Schwitalla, and Pacific Legacy
2013  Dwight D. Simons
2014  Victor Golla
2015  William R. Hildebrandt
2016  Jeanne Arnold
2017  Jon M. Erlandson

Thomas F. King Award for Excellence in Cultural Resources Management. This is given to an individual who shows outstanding leadership in the field of cultural resources management. Nominations are made to the Thomas F. King Award Committee and the award is presented at the Awards Banquet.

1998  Thomas F. King
1999  Brian Byrd
2000  Michael J. Moratto
2001  David Whitley
2002  Dwight Dutschke & Hans Kreutzberg
2003  Adrian Praetzellis
2004  C. William Clewlow, Jr.
2006  Stanley R. Berryman
2007  Information Centers of CHRIS
2008  Trish Fernandez
2009  Duane Christian
2010  Far Western Anthropological Research Group
2011  Janet Eidsness
2012  Michael P. Sampson
2013  Randy S. Wiberg
2014  Marie G. Cottrell
2015  Tina Biorn
2016  Susan K. Goldberg
2017  Robert J. Jackson

James A. Bennyhoff Memorial Fund Award. This award supports original research on the prehistory of California and the Great Basin, with special consideration given to projects emphasizing analysis of existing museum collections, those housed in regional repositories and/or those reported in inventories and reports which focus on: 1) the development, significant refinement and/or modification of time-sensitive typologies or seriation studies useful in identifying prehistoric spatial or temporal units, or 2) relating primary data to revision of existing culture historical taxonomic frameworks.

1996  Nelson Siefkin
1997  Rene Vellanoweth
1998  Eric Wohlgemuth
1999  Sharon McFarland
2000  Torbin Rick
2001  Kathleen Hull
2002  Alexander DeGeorgey
2003  Shannon Tushingham
2004  Deanna Grinstead & Brandon Patterson
2005  Allika Ruby
2006  Elizabeth Sutton
2007  Donna Gillette
2008  Terry L. Joslin
2009  John Schlagheck
2010  Melanie Beasley
2011  Kristina Hill
2012  Devin L. Snyder
2013  Carly Whelan
2016  Gregory R. Burns & Susan Talcott
2017  David C. Harvey

Helen C. Smith Award for Avocational Society Achievement. This is decided upon from applications made by members at large by the Avocational Society Representative and a panel of reviewers for achievements made over the preceding year. There is a $200 cash award from the SCA that goes with this.

1993  Fresno Arch. Society
1994  San Diego Arch. Society
1995  Santa Cruz Arch. Society
1996  Friends of Sierra Rock Art
1997  Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation
1998  Arch. Survey Association of Southern California
1999  Sacramento Archaeological Society
2000  Luther & Betsy Bertrando, San Luis Obispo County Arch. Society
2001  Coastal Marine Arch. Resources
2002  Kern County Arch. Society
2003  Pacific Coast Arch. Society
2004  Colorado Desert Arch. Society
2005  San Diego Arch. Center
2006  Ventura Archaeological Society
2007  Santa Clara County Arch. Society
2008  Colorado Desert District Arch. Site Stewardship Program
2009  Nevada Rock Art Foundation
2011  Pacific Coast Arch. Society
2013  Chinese Historical & Cultural Project of Santa Clara County
2014  Jon Harmon
2015  Gary A. Garrett
2017  Paul Peterson

California Indian Heritage Preservation Award. This award was created to honor California Indians who have contributed to one or more of these important accomplishments. It is with sincere appreciation and respect that we offer this award each year from the year 2000 onward.

2000  Katherine Siva Saubel
2001  Otis Parrish
2002  Preston Jefferson Arrow-weed
2003  Larry Myers
2004  Carmen Lucas
2005  Patrick Orozco
2006  Julia Parker
2007  Dwight Dutschke
2008  Charlie Cooke
2009  Jay Johnson
2010  Cindi Alvitre
2011  Northwest Indian Cemetery Protection Association
2012  Gregg Castro
2013  Linda Yamane
2014  LeiLynn Odom
2015  Robert B. Burns
2016  Ernest Siva
2017  Reba Fuller

Outstanding Student Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting

2001  Alexander DeGeorgey
2002  Nathan Stevens
2004  Clarus J. Backes, Jr.
2005  Shannon Tushingham
2006  Victoria Stosel
2007  Tsim D. Schneider & Adrian R. Whitaker
2008  Melanie Beasley
2009  Jarrod X. Kellogg
2010  Joe Griffin
2011  Karen Gardner
2012  Christina Gill
2013  Mikael Favelle
2017  Michole Fournier

Golden Shovel Award

2011  William Stillman
2012  Michael "Bucky" Buxton
2013  David Makar
2014  Jerry Doty
2015  Mike Edward
2016  Douglas S. McIntosh
2017  Maureen Carpenter

Charles E. Rozaire Award for Student Research in California Archaeology

2017  Nathan Acebo

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